The lips….. those are my lips.  Yes, that’s right, my lips.  My graphic designer took a picture of my lips and created this prefect logo for my company.  KMA or Ki$$ My A$$ came to me while driving home one morning.  My lips and my ass were the 2 things I would change about myself so it seemed a perfect fit to have the name and logo be represented as our brand.  I got home, sketched out a rough copy of the logo and that was the day KMA Clothing Company came to life.  I am very proud of the direction my company is moving towards.  What it represents and stands for is critical at a time when positive body image is starting to be at the fore front of today’s conversations with women of all ages.  I am a mother of 2 amazing girls and it is my hope that they can look in the mirror and see what I see….. beauty, brains, love, compassion, uniqueness, and so much more. KMA stands behind every women who needs a little strength to face the world sometimes.  I am no where near being 100% comfortable in my body and some days are better than others.  It is my hope that when someone sees the lips out in public it bonds us together.  I want the lips to say….. I understand, I get it, without having to say the words.   Connection is key for us, we all want to be seen and heard so let these lips do that for you.



In the diverse world of women’s fashion, ladies’ designer tops occupy a prestigious place. The humble ladies’ top has gone from being a bare essential to the epitome of style and elegance for the modern woman. Designer tops have evolved over the generations, blending in the old and adding onto them contemporary twists for a fashionable, up-to-date look. Today you don’t have to stick to straight tops or just printed tops worn over jeans or trousers.These ladies’ cotton tops with vivacious prints beat the heat with your chilled-out ensemble of a white printed ladies’ short top with floral motifs over a pair of quintessential blue jeans. Reinvent your wardrobe with long tops that not only elevate your appearance but also adds sophistication to it. Many women are unaware of the mighty strides the fashion industry has taken into the world of ladies’ top design.