KMA Clothing Company started as a dream more than 25 years ago. It was a dream that came and went 1,000 times over. Whenever I allowed myself to think about it, I quickly doubted it away. There seemed to always be an excuse to disregard my dream…. I had little babies, there wasn’t enough money or time, but mostly the self-doubt got in the way, who would ever want to hear about my dream? Then one day, for no particular reason, everything seemed to line up. My kids grew older, I had a little money saved, and I managed to spare a little time. So, I made the decision that the time was now and just like that KMA came to life and I never looked back.

For most of my life I HATED my body. I had this big ass and full lips in the 80s when thin was in. Thin lips, thin butts, even thin eyebrows. I have spent countless hours in front of the mirror criticizing my body and hating myself for it. As I grow older and get closer to 50 that self-hate has started to dissipate. I have slowly started to embrace my figure. Being a hairstylist for over 26 years I have chatted with many women and have realized we are all the same….. we all have something we would change about our bodies. Whether it be a big ass, full lips, small boobs, big boobs, ears that stick out, feet that are too big, knocked knees, hair that’s too thin, hair that’s too thick, too curly or too straight. YESSSSS, I have heard it all. I want women to join me and embrace who they are. KMA represents falling in love with who we are and those things we wish to change about ourselves. I have come to a place where I am falling in love with my ass and these lips and so now I KI$$ MY A$$ with love and respect. KMA is a body positive company with confidence, a smidge of attitude and a whole lot of sass.